Monday, April 26, 2010

Three things #123

1. For the first time in over a year, Mrs. Underdog and I had the weekend to ourselves. Without kids. SO WE PARTIED! We saw How To Train Your Dragon --- IN A THEATER! ($9 admission?! Really?) We ate in a restaurant with cloth napkins. (She cut up my steak.) We watched The Blind Side at home. (Good. Perhaps a tad overrated.) And we slept through the night. (Twice.) I love my kids, but I had forgotten what it is like to just sit quietly with the one that you love. (While gorging yourself on Peanut Butter frozen yogurt.)
2. I forgot to mention that my kids got me a Nerf gun with pump action firing for my birthday. Nothing says good fathering like pelting your egotistic 8 year old with Nerf darts. Repeatedly. While he is sleeping.
3. Which reminds me of my dads favorite method for waking us up when we were younger. We lived in Colorado, where it was often cold. So you would try and stay under the covers as long as possible. So my dad would place a squirt gun in the refrigerator. He would then stand in our bedroom doorway and shoot us in the face with streams of cold water until we woke up. Back then it seemed cruel and unusual. Now it seems like a very reasonable solution to a common problem. Interesting how your perspective changes with the passage of time.....

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