Thursday, April 8, 2010

Three things #112

  1. To those that have mentioned that I skipped some numbers: Yes, I know. I can count. And, no, there are no missing posts. But if it helps you to have a little mystery, go ahead and believe it.
  2. We had our weekly prayer gathering at church this morning. I nearly laughed when I was praying and have been pondering the appropriate-ness of laughter during prayer. I was praying about the fact that scientists recently discovered about a billion stars that they did not previously know were there. I mentioned that God hung those stars and knows them by name. It struck me as absurd how small and limited we are in our knowledge of the universe and how it works. I kinda snickered. With joy in God's greatness.
  3. We are expecting Pup #7 any day now. And I am rooting against the little girl being born on my birthday. Although Mrs. Underdog thinks it would be great, I think she would have a different opinion if it were her birthday. What a great gift to hold new life in your arms on your birthday. Great. Now I'm in limbo about the whole thing....


Anonymous said...

Maybe for the sake of your wife you should be willing to sacrifice and be willing to share your birthday so she can be done and all. I mean, you are supposed to love your wife as Christ loved the church. It's not dying and giving up your life, but it is a form of it. Sharing your birthday with your little princess would be fun. :) Love

Stack said...

Bubba spent his whole birthday waiting for Beanie one year...and then she was born the day after...and they've shared it in all the ways that matter ever since...course there IS a major up side...Bubba gets to pick the restaurant we go to at the beginning of their birthday week...and Bean gets to pick the restaurant at the end of their birthday week...and Bubba usually makes ribs that week as the food is super good that week.

There are blessings in sharing.