Friday, April 16, 2010

Three things #116

1. I don't want to come across as having some sort of creepy self-esteem issue, but I am going to type this anyway. As I talk to other fathers my age and examine my own heart, there seems to be a theme of "never enough". No father seems to think that they are succeeding at what they are doing. Even some of the dads I admire most wonder if they are doing okay or not. I think about this alot because I know that they very most important thing is knowing God, but there is constant competition for time from family and work and church and sleep and exercise and.....

Is this a cultural thing? Is fathering in todays America unique? What is the right measuring stick? Should we have a measuring stick? Am I asking a lot of questions? Yes. I think I am.

2. My parents took a trip to Israel and one of the items they sent to my family was a yarmulke. I think I might wear it to church on Sunday and see if anyone says anything.

3. I was thinking tonight about how the span of our days is completely unpredictable. No one knows when their life will end. It will end at some point, yet no one can put on their calendar "Likely last day of life". (Who would you send a calendar invite to for that appointment?!) Maybe it is better that we don't know.


Papa Bear said...

re: #1. And I thought I was unusual for feeling this way.

TobyBo said...

did you wear it?